The Simpsons Movie

Well, I know that The Simpsons Movie was released a long time ago - and trust me I have watched it more than one time since! I'm reviewing The Simpsons Movie for those who haven't already seen the filma dn simply because it was broadcast on channel 4 tonight.
The Simpsons - If you don't know them, where have you been?! The much loved yellow family hit the big screen in 2007. What happens in the movie is pretty much what you would expect from any other film to be honest. Its quite an unimaginative storyline.
Springfield is making too much pollution from their town, so a government agency is deciding to wipe them off the face of the Earth and cope without them. The Simpsons family are left to ensure Springfield stays putt. All of your much loved (or hated!) characters will find their place within this movie, each playing an entertaining role in this family friendly film.
With my opinion, I found The Simpsons Movie to be too predictive and the storyline really had let itself down from the start. I would recommend this film for anyone who is trying to find a DVD for their kids to watch. For the hardcore movie buffs, you probably won't find the film that good or laugh out loud funny.
The Simpsons Movie gets 3/5. I found it a real let down and too predictable.


Paranormal Activity

This is a horror story that has been around in the US for ages, and has only just come over to the UK (like most stuff - we are always last :( ). This horror story has been hyped up by critics to be one of the scariest films in America, so lets see if its as scary as people are making it out to be.
Honestly, I had found some mixed reviews about Paranormal Activity before I had watched the film; it was on Odeon's official website though, so i wasn't that fussed.
The movie is based upon a couple, named Katie and Micah, of which the girl has been haunted since she was 8 years old.
Micah has bought a camera to provide some freaky evidence about the ghostly goings on in their home and is a TRUE STORY. ALL OF THE FOOTAGE IS AMATEUR AND ONLY EDITED TO CUT IT DOWN TO A FILM.
It starts off just like any other horror movie really, nothing much going on at the start, but very quickly paces up and is truely horrifing.
I really don't want to ruin this shit-scary film for all you movie-goers. So i'l try to keep as much of the story inside my tiny head.
You can say that this film is very much like the Blair Witch Project, all amateur footage with some freaky shit along the way. There are some moments throughout the film where I didnt believe that it was amateur but it seems so! Ermmm, along with alot of scary, make-you-jump moments is a tad of comedy (you'll find it when you watch!) I urge you not to watch the trailer, you will just be waiting for those moments to come up instead of true fear which I am still trying to recover from.
Paranormal Activity is certainly one of the scariest films I ever have watched. Its so fucked up! I certainly won't be sleeping tonight so it gets 5/5 stars! WATCH IT!

EDIT: Damn it, just found out that paranormal activity is not a true story :(. Seems very much like it though when you watch the film!!


Twilight - New Moon

You must have heard of Twilight by now, or even the "sexy beast" who is Edward Cullen (yawn)... Well there is another one of those films out now, titled 'New Moon'.
New Moon is an extension of the first Twilight movie, of which there was nothing much in it at all really.
The movie starts off with a bit of a *shock*, that the vampire doesn't love the woman anymore...she tries to find him and in the end just ends up being a bit of a slut.... meh, i can't be bothered to do this film really, its a girls film.
I wasn't interested throughout the twilight movie, waiting for it to end and see 2012 instead. There was no fun, good storylines or action sequences and was just a load of tosh with people talking throughout the film.
All I can say is that if you are a boy, who has a girlfriend, unlucky, shes either already dragged you along to see this tripe or is just about too. Just watch her to see if she screams and throws her bra at the cinema screen when edward cullen comes on - thats what they all did at the one i went too!
Anyway, Twilight New Moon gets 1/5.


Taking Woodstock Review

Il be honest, Taking Woodstock is a pretty weird film. I didn't look at any trailers or any websites like IMDB, just went to see the film at my local cinema and hoped for the best.
I was by no means dissapointed by Taking Woodstock, don't get me wrong, its not a bad film...its just really random and weird. Well, seeing as I got in 10 mins late, with everyone staring at me whilst I went over to a seat, I may have missed something cruical at the start.
From what I had gathered from the hour and a half I saw, it was about a young hippie, living with his parents who are poor, running their own shabby hotel and trying to find some money from anywhere they can. Now this is the bit I didn't catch on to; their son decides to set up a festival in a nearby farm, where over 100,000 people are expected to arrive (thus generating the money they need through hotel stayers and the cuts they get from the tickets sold).
Halfway through the film, you watch the quite comical mother of the main character (Sonia Teichberg played by Imelda Staunton), setting up their hotel to be as stingey as possible and gain as much dosh as they can.
I don't want to ruin the movie that much for you, but I don't see Taking Woodstock as one of those films you will ever remember. I found it to be such a weird film as I'm not that fond of hippie lifestyles, but nevertheless found it enjoyable. There are some funny scenes in Taking Woodstock, thrown in with some random scenes that you just won't get. I personally also found that Taking Woodstock finished too early! It was as though it was cut so short because they just ran out of ideas!
Taking Woodstock is a good film, but by no means great. The film, to be released on 13th November 2009, will be in the week when 2012 and Harry Brown are too. Taking Woodstock should be swept under the cover when 2012 is going to be released, I'm expecting a superb film!!
Taking Woodstock, gets a weird and whacky 3 out of 5.


Toy Story 3 Trailer


Julie and Julia Review

Got a pair of free tickets to see Julie and Julia before everyone else, peasants! lol, and was to see Julie and Julia, a true story about two women. One being a celebrity cook, the other a blogger (like me! :O), who blogs about her challenge of cooking a something like 550 recipes from the celebrities book for the year.

You follow the pair, like two stories are running at thee same time, but they aren't, one was from 50 or so years ago, the other current day (but the scenes switch like they are). Julia, played by Meryl Streep, is an amazing writer who you follow on her journey to getting her recipe book to be written (the one the blogger uses).

Meryl Streep plays her role really well and to be honest, made this film get a decent rating. She was so realistic, keeping the audience hooked to her story and in whole, the film. Julia's story is also quite different too, she being a blogger, goes through a wealth of difficulties throughout her time blogging. You watch her go through these ups and downs and is quite amazing really to think its a true story.

To be honest, I don't think that Julie and Julia is a great film for teens or anyone below 50. When I entered the cinema, it was PACKED full of old people (me feeling like the odd one out as they stared when I walked to my seat). It is a good film to watch if you are over 50, its not your Mama Mia or Grease in any sense, but you would find it much better than the average teen crap.

For me, Julie and Julia gets 3 stars. I didn't think that the film was that exciting or have any depth to make a real hit for me. It's just one of those films that when I think back to it, il go "huh? Wtf is Julie and Julia?!"


Movie Fetish starting up

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